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mydarkness.space supports on the popular current browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari.

I will try to make the site compatible on as many browsers as possible but I can't guarantee if the site will work on browsers not on this list.


"Twitter" and "Tweet" are registered trademark by Twitter, Inc.

You are remain anonymous.

Your submitted tweet will be shown to public from this Twitter's account @mydarknesspace

Any features that affect privacy will be strictly opt-in.


You may not make automated requests to the site more frequently than once every ten seconds.

You must not abuse the site by knowingly posting malicious code, or links to malicious sites, that could harm other users.

If you find a security or privacy bug in mydarkness.space, I ask that you please report it to me right away by private email.

You may not use the site to harass other users.

I reserve the right to delete any tweets consuming an unreasonable proportion of site resources (dozens of spam tweets, for example).

Privacy Policy

The site will never show ads.

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